Air filtering plants The best house plants

Air filtering plants The best house plants

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I live in the city so I'm surrounded by concrete; this doesn't mean that my home has to be too. Sometimes its nice to soften those hard edges and brighten those dark corners at home with a few plants and bring some of the outdoors in, livening up your home!

If you can’t decide what type of house plants you want in your home, get some air filtering plants. Not only do they bring indoors a bit of nature, but they are also beneficial for your health. Air filtering plants filter out all the nasty things that most household detergents and cleaners emit, leaving you with fresher air. This could make your home a sanctuary, somewhere to rest and recharge.

So, what types of air filtering plants are there, and is there a difference between them? Well, according to NASA - who have completed extensive research on this topic, there are many air filtering house plants you can use and each one filters out some, or all, known air pollutants.

Wikipedia summarises the findings from the NASA clean air study in an easy to read table. You can see from the table that the best air filtering plants are Chrysanthemums and Peace Lilies - they filter by far the most toxins out of the air we breathe indoors. Not only that, they also produce some beautiful blooms in the spring. Taking care of them is pretty easy too (but that's for another article).

Easy care snake plant

By no means should you confine your choices to Chrysanthemums or Peace Lilies; I would suggest that you mix it up a little. There are so many varieties of plants to choose from and depending on the type of gardener you are (or how much time you have on your hands) and the space you live in, each plant has its own attributes to suit you. For the busy person on the go, I'd suggest the snake plant, they are hardy and near impossible to kill (unless you don't water them - ever).

A word of warning though, if you have dogs or cats indoors, some air filtering plants can be harmful to them if consumed, so please take note when deciding what types of plants to pick and where to place them. The NASA clean air study will also tell you if these air filtering plants can be harmful to your dogs or cats as well.

If you are looking for some inspiration on where to place your plants, I'd suggest getting an Instagram account and go and explore using hastags like #indoorgreen or #indoorplants or #bring the outside in.

Good luck and happy planting!


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