At home flu and cough repellents

At home flu and cough repellents

Posted 2015-08-02 by Gypsyfollow

Winter is the time when even the toughest of humans can succumb to flu and sickness due to the cold weather.This year winter took it's peak giving us snow in some parts of Australia. Besides the cold weather we even have to deal with the frequent showers and piercing cold winds. So how do we deal with all these flu triggers and still enjoy a healthy and fit winter:here are some simple at home Ayurvedic tips that can be very useful to keep the flu at bay.

Onions -this simple plant has amazing healing powers when eaten raw or applied topically on the body. According to Ayurveda onions increase the heat in your body. Eating raw onions on a regular basis in winter helps keep the flu away. If you have a cough just apply some onion juice on your chest and calves of your feet.Taking a tablespoon of fresh onion juice can help break up the phlegm in your chest and clear your lungs.This remedy is so harmless that it can even be applied to young kids. Another simple trick I regulary use in my home is to leave onions (1 or 2) in the room when suffering from flu or when you fell the onset of flu. I picked this up from a Facebook post but do not know how far this is true; although I do know that ever since I started placing onions I have been flu free.

Mustard Oil is very often used in India to massage new born babies in winter. This oil is anti-inflamatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which makes it a must in all homes during winter. When heated with a clove of garlic this oil can be applied on the chest to relieve cough on babies and adults alike. For cold hands and feet this oil gives instant heat when slightly warmed and massaged on to the skin. It even helps relieve joint pains for those suffering from arthritis.This oil is commonly used in Indian cooking in winters to keep the body warm and heated. Be adventurous and try this oil in salads for a pungent taste.

Dates: who does not love sticky date pudding in winter? Have you ever wondered why you only eat it in winter? Well I have the answer: according to Ayurveda dates are known to be heat for the body; that's why it's best to eat them in winter to combat the cold outside. A common winter ritual I follow is to eat dates (2-3) on an empty stomach gulped down with warm water. Full of iron, dates can be eaten with dry nuts or made into a paste and added to warm milk. These are natural tonics for the heart and muscle with a high sugar content; so to satisfy your sweet tooth next time opt for a date snack.

I hope these simple Ayurvedic tips help you to survive this cold winter!

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