Avocado Wonder fruit

Avocado Wonder fruit

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Avocados have been on the receiving end of some bad press, mainly due to their high calorie content. Sit down to enjoy an avocado and you can expect to be told about how it is the most fattening of all fruits, but this is disingenuous.

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The health benefits of avocados are well documented. In fact, some would go so far as to describe it as a wonder fruit! Here are a few of the ways an avocado can help to improve your health.

Heart Health

Fat is a dirty word. It makes us think of… well… getting fat. But in fact it is the fat content of an avocado that makes it so healthy, specifically for our hearts.

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Avocados are a prime source of oleic acid, a fat which has been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease . You might want to drop this little tidbit of information into the conversation the next someone chastises you for eating a “fatty” avocado.

Weight Loss

Despite being “fatty”, an avocado is actually perfectly constructed to help with weight loss, due to its high fibre content and low carb level.

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A study conducted by Loma Linda University also showed that avocados are a great appetite suppressor, with over a quarter of people tested reporting higher levels of satisfaction and a decrease in appetite over the five hours after eating.


Avocados are also rich in anti-oxidants which help to decelerate the aging process. If you want younger looking skin, keener eyesight and smoother joints, tucking into an avocado every morning at breakfast could be a step in the right direction.

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The presence of Vitamin E as well as anti-oxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin make the avocado a cornerstone of a successful anti-aging diet. Just in case you need any further persuasion, we have one more fact for you: they are delicious too!


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