Benefits of Isolation tank sessions

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Isolation tank sessions have lately become a phenomenon that has become the focus of interest for many factions, these factions do not just include the ‘usual suspects’ such as the scientific, academic and medical community, but it has also gained the attention of beauty therapists and dermatologists who swear on their practice and good name that Isolation tank sessions actually do wonders for the skin which is the epitome of ‘beauty’ from any perspective.

The more than half a century old psychedelic concept of depriving individuals out of their god given senses for brief periods at intervals is thought to provide the brain with a reprieve that allows the brain to work ‘miracles’ within. According to ‘float enthusiasts’ apart from being considered as a primary treatment component for a significant number of ailments which range from PMS discomforts, chronic pain or headaches, gout, arthritis and injury recovery, those who engage in Isolation tank sessions once or twice a week for 45 to 90 minutes have also been observed to have improved skin condition based as observed by both float clinics and as well as medical institutions.

The reason for this is currently being attributed to the fact that isolation tanks are filled with Epsom salt based solution which has a direct impact on magnesium absorption as our skin is able to absorb magnesium which apart from being a positive factor for the central nervous system it is also a positive element towards detoxification ratios of our biological constructs beyond superficial detox as this transpires at cellular levels. To put it simply, Isolation tank sessions have been empirically proven to be able to slow the degradation rate of our skin or even simpler; it hits the brakes on the ageing process of the skin.

This is due to the fact that when detoxification processes get to cellular levels they also simultaneously enhance the structure of our skin cells which results in floaters to gain improved healthier looking skin complexions. Other explanations that seem to support the better skin observation is the fact that floaters often have better or enhanced relaxation levels or otherwise significantly reduced stress which is believed to have a direct impact on our immune system which advocates the skin’s ability to rejuvenate or heal itself as when the immune system is up, the detox scenario is optimised causing our skin to ‘radiate’.

Apart from that the magnesium content absorbed through the skin while undergoing float tank sessions assists bio-chemical reactions that the skin needs in order to repair itself as magnesium is a essential co-factor in this process. Putting all this aside, what really matters regardless of the mechanics behind this phenomenon is the fact that isolation tank sessions works wonders for the skin. Coupled with the fact that there are no known ‘bad reports’ apart from those suffering from claustrophobia sensory deprivation seems to be lending a big hand to those who think that beautiful is wonderful, and floating in a quiet tank that allows you to rest in order to obtain it is a small price to pay to gain skin that is radiant, glows and simply fine.

These factors from any perspective seem to make sense not just theoretically, as indicated by the European Journal of Integrative Medicine and Bio Med Central because ‘deep relaxation’ is fundamental to good health and healthy skin can only be achieved when good health is present and when the brain is given the ‘break’ from external stimuli, good internal health is what it focuses on as the brain optimises almost all internal biological functions which practically results in everything within us being improved substantially.


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