Feeling stressed

Feeling stressed

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According to Australian Natural Health Magazine , we can get to a point where we become so used to stress in our lives, that we no longer recognise the symptoms.

I've been there and done that!

What do common signs of stress look like?

  • Low, or loss of lidido - God forbid!
  • Nightmares or odd dreams
  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia
  • An inability to concentrate
  • Overwhelm
  • Exhaustion
  • Moodiness, anger and being snappy
  • Forgetful when you would normally remember things
  • Teary without understanding why
  • Feeling resentful
  • Muscle tightness, back pain, headaches
  • Weight gain - Nooooo!
  • Weight loss - not so good either...
  • Tightness of the chest area, racing heart or palpitations.

  • Source - Australian Natural Health Magazine

    I asked Marney Perna, from Kinique Kinesiology , what can we do to help minimise stress in our lives?

    Marney is a professional kinesiologist who also specialises in natural therapies, essential oils, Shell Essences and other modalities to help combat stress in her patients.

    Henry the Stress Bucket

    Here are Marney's Top 10 Stress Busting Techniques to empty your stress bucket:

    1. Smile - as it helps bring in happy endorphins.

    2. Breathe - when we are stressed we often forget to breathe, so this simple act will allow the mind to slow down and bring clarity.

    3. Language - take a moment to consider the words you are using and if they are negative, consciously replace them with a positive word to help shift your mindset.

    4. Flip the Card - when we are faced with non-life threatening stress situations, we need to turn the negative into a positive. Marney suggests finding a way to rephrase the situation. For example: instead of saying/thinking, 'I will never find a car park, this sucks!', say or think, 'A car park will become available!'

    5. Best Evers - Find the best thing about a bad situation. People like to do their best, so finding the best in a horror situation will help you reduce stress and give your mind and body an opportunity to see new possibilities.

    6. Compliment - Look for ways to see the best in yourself in the moment and acknowledge this. It is important to help you feel good about yourself and raise your positive energy.

    7. Attitude - This is about taking a view of being responsible for how we choose to see experiences in our minds. When we decide to be grateful or enjoy the good we have, it lowers our stress levels and refocuses the mind.

    8. Exercise - This will get your energy moving and give your body a way to release any built up stress, tension or stuck energy. It also helps the lymphatic system which helps remove toxins from the body. Yoga and Tai Chi are great ways to move the body and release relaxation hormones too.

    9. Identify Stressors - It is a good practice to note down in a journal what the external stressors are, such as noise pollution etc, that could be affecting your stress levels. Then you can take steps to reduce your exposure to external stressors.

    10. Memories - Our brain is like a super computer and we can recreate memories that will affect the body in a positive way. Marney suggests that we an opportunity to change past events in our mind's eye as the brain cannot always differentiate between real and imaginary events.

    So, if you have a memory that keeps coming up and causing you stress, maybe you can consider stepping out of the picture. Dulling the colours or turning the sound down.

    Then, you may like to start changing the image to show you how you would like to have the event play out in a positive way. Then replay it in your mind's eye which will have a positive effect on the body and help to minimise stress from that event.

    Marney Perna offers a free Reduce Stress report which you can download and use to help you learn more about about these Stress Busting Techniques.

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    If you are suffering from unhealthy levels of stress, do ensure that you get a medical check up and support too. You deserve to receive the best care for your health and well-being.

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