Four hobbies that reduce stress

Four hobbies that reduce stress

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Everyone has some stress in their lives and sometimes a degree of stress isn't a bad thing. However, too much ongoing stress is harmful to one's health. Sometimes a person can reduce stress by addressing the trigger. Other times it is useful to spend time on an activity which reduces your stress level, making you feel relaxed. Four such activities are colouring in, reading, knitting and baking.

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Colouring in for adults
Over the past few years colouring in books aimed at the adult market have become popular. Many are designed specifically to reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether you are using coloured pencils, felt tip pens or another colouring tool, colouring in encourages focus and can be an alternative to meditation for people who fidget a lot.

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Reading fiction can take your mind to another world, perhaps one full of fantasy. If reading fiction, it is important to choose the type of story which doesn't cause stress, especially if you have an active imagination.

Reading non-fiction can be as stress reducing as fiction if you are passionate about the topic.

Reading eases the tension in the body’s muscles including the heart. Some people find reading last thing at night helps them fall asleep.

Reading non fiction or fiction can reduce stress. Courtesy of Pixabay

The repetition involved in knitting distracts from stressful thoughts and triggers the release of serotonin. Research has found similarities between the state of meditation and knitting.

Crocheting has similar benefits to knitting.

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After a busy day, providing the evening meal may not be a relaxing activity. However, choosing to bake a cake, biscuits or bread in free time could be. Concentrating on the recipe, measuring accurately and adding the ingredients in the correct order require one to focus. The aroma, especially on a cold day and sharing the end product with others help reduce stress.

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There is no single activity which serves to reduce stress in everyone. Each individual needs to experiment with different activities until they find what works for them, The important thing is to spend time on a hobby that works for you.

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