Hack your diet

Hack your diet

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There have been many diets throughout the history of the human race, most of them don't really work and are only short-term solutions.

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A hack is a shortcut to achieve something. Diet hacks are shortcuts to changing your eating habits to at least maintain your weight and hopefully lose weight.

Eat what makes you full

In grasshoppers it is really simple, they eat until they have had their fill of protein. If they don't get enough protein they swarm into locusts and just keep eating and eating.

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Humans are a little more complicated, but the most important thing to do is identify what you need to eat to be full. This is a combination of what will fill your stomach and nutrients. Lean protein is one of the most important to satisfy your nutrient requirements to feel full, but fibre is a good source of food that will fill your stomach without adding weight. If you exercise a lot or when the weather is very cold you will crave more carbs. Don't be a carbophobic and eat some.

The upshot of this is that if you eat well you will find that you will snack less. Many people trying to cut down their food intake will end up hungry and snack on unhealthy items.

Kick start your metabolism in the morning

There are two main ways to kick start your metabolism in the morning, eat sugar and exercise. Now obviously exercise is the better one. Even if you are busy or feel tired, a quick intensive exercise routine will energise you for the day.

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Sugary foods for breakfast have lost their appeal, but they can be useful to get your body going. Stick to healthy sugars such as fruit.

There is a third option, fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water will help cleanse and kickstart your system.


I wanted to put this as number 1. Don't change what you eat, change how you live. Walk, run, take up a sport, it doesn't matter. Exercising will help your body and your heart. An overweight active person can be healthier than a skinny inactive person.

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Also, exercise has an interesting side effect, it is actually an appetite suppressant. If you are feeling famished then exercise until the hunger goes away.

Get rid of added sugar and salt

The biggest problem we face in having a healthy diet is that food companies are trying to make us eat a lot more. They do this by adding sugar and salt into everything which tricks our body into eating more. Even a healthy Subway sandwich comes with a lot of unhealthy sauce, full of sugar.

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Don't add sugar and limit the salt added to your own foods and whatever you do, don't eat processed foods, as they contain a lot of sugar and salt. When eating out try and eat foods like steak over burgers, because you never know what they are going to put in their burger mix and the buns can be laden with sugar and salt.

Find some flavour kicks

Sugar and salt are the two cheapest and most effective flavour kicks, but you can find others to use instead. Sour flavours, especially lemon juice can be added to nearly everything. I put lemon juice in my scrambled eggs.

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Another favourite is chili peppers which not only give you a nice flavour kick, they have also been found to help boost your metabolism and clear out your arteries.

Love yourself

This sounds like the idea that you should just accept that you are fat and not try and do anything about it. However what we are trying to do is get rid of the negative mindset of dieting. This often leads to guilt, depression and eating more unhealthy foods.

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Once you start exercising you can often find something that makes you feel good, whether it is being able run a mile effortlessly or walk a flight of stairs without getting puffed, it is that achievement that gives us a positive mindset.

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