Having trouble achieving your goals try this reset

Having trouble achieving your goals try this reset

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It is never too late to reset your goals if you are stuck or having trouble achieving them.

We set goals to change something is our lives and change can be hard but rewarding. Try this tip to help you succeed.

[Image1 There is always the time and opportunity to reset your goals]

Start by taking one to three of your top goals to focus on.. We often set ourselves too many or unachievable goals - write them all down on a list. Are some similar in theme, can be condensed and re-written? Or are some redundant or completely unachievable? Underline the ones that matter the most to you to complete this year and cross out the other ones. Competing goals can spread us thin and make us less likely to achieve any of them. Do this until you have one to three goals.

[Image2 Are your goals set to take you where you want to go?]

Once you have one to three goals, share it with family and friends. This will keep you accountable and will also provide you with an instant group of supporters, your own personal cheer squad. They will also help you troubleshoot.

[Image3 Family and friends can help to give you a hand when things get tough]

Research has shown that being accountable makes you more likely to achieve your goals. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and various Apps can be used effectively to track your progress, keep you accountable and will have people cheer you on. They become a built-in accountability partner to help keep you going.

Post progress updates, photos, troubleshoot challenges and celebrate milestones. It will not only drive you but it will inspire others.

[Image4 Sharing your journey to reach your goal can be inspiring to others]

Being open in this way can be scary as it may make you feel vulnerable. Social researchers such as Brene Brown have shown that vulnerability, is not just brave, but can be the key to greater acceptance of ones self, growth and personal development. It can also help us understand and work through past hurts that hold us back in goal achievement.

Good luck resetting your destination!

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