How superheroes make us stronger

How superheroes make us stronger

Posted 2015-08-13 by GabbyDIfollow
Have you noticed that comic book and superhero movie fans never seem to grow up? They always keep that small spot where their inner child lives, and they carry that spark of joy and enthusiasm no matter where they go. Boys love Spiderman, Superman, and Batman comic books, cartoons, and superhero parties and when they grow up they just add movies to the pile, but their love stays and does not change, it only grows bigger and stronger. Why is that? What do superheroes give us so we keep them forever in our hearts and minds?
DO something!

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What do all superheroes have in common? They fight for the greater good! They have personas which hide their strength and true identity; Clark Kent is clumsy, Bruce Wayne is shallow, Peter Parker is socially awkward… All this shows that superheroes have more than one side, it makes them complex, deep, and shows dedication. They sacrifice a part of who they are by allowing the world to believe they are clumsy and boring. But they do all that so they can actually DO something, make a difference, change things and make a world a better place. They are taking action and not just talking about it – Your actions define you.

Face your fear

Batman is not only afraid of bats, his fear is a true phobia. As a child he experiences a trauma and starts being terribly afraid of bats which he links to fear and dark. Nevertheless, when he decides he will try to save Gotham, he fights his fear and embraces it, it becomes his strength. This is incredibly difficult but possible, and Batman teaches us that by overcoming our fears we can become stronger. There was nothing to be frightened of, it was emotional trauma he had to deal with, and it goes to show that real men do not run from their emotions and problems, but work hard to resolve them.

Greed will eat you out

Just like we can learn from superheroes, we can learn from their enemies as well. Desire to do good will make you isolated, but desire for power and money will turn you into a monster in the world of superheroes. Lex Luthor, Green Goblin, Magneto – they all have incredible powers and influence, but their thirst and hunger for more turns them into villains and criminals. Green Goblin even goes insane and starts hallucinating because of his serum. Spiderman knows that with great power comes great responsibility, but it can also turn into great insanity if you are not careful.

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You will grow strong

Children are vulnerable and they can be lonely and scared, but pretending they’re superheroes will make them feel better and calm them. They will be more confident and relaxed if they dress up in their favourite superhero costume, watch their favourite cartoon or a movie, and play with their friends. Moreover, they will make friends more easily through mutual love of same heroes. Take them to Comic-Con or hire a superhero to show up at their birthday party – by allowing them to dress up and be their favourite superheroes and even meet them in person you will make all their dreams come true.

Superheroes are not only a distraction; they teach us important and valuable lessons about life and about ourselves. They both imply and openly state that you should always believe in yourself and work hard to make all your dreams come true. Parallels with the real world are vague, admittedly, but they exist and if one is keen on finding them, they will not be hidden forever.

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