How to avoid hunger and still lose weight

How to avoid hunger and still lose weight

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The word 'diet' seems to strike fear and dread into the minds of most people. They know it means giving up their favourite foods and feeling hungry lots of the time.

They spend all their time thinking about food and worrying that their next meal or snack might take them over their calorie goal. This type of dieting is exactly why it's so hard to stick to a diet and so many people give up.

It doesn't have to be this way.

If you've been on some kind of weight loss plan and found that you are hungry all the time, it's time to start looking at your macros (protein, fat, carbs').

If you've been eating carbohydrates at every meal, it might be that you've been eating too many and not enough protein and fat.

Protein and fat stick around in the stomach longer than carbohydrates do. They also have a far lower glycaemic load - this means they don't have a huge effect on your blood sugar.

Carbohydrates, even so called 'slow release' carbs' like whole grains still have more of an effect on blood sugar than protein and fat. When your blood sugar rises, insulin acts to bring it back down again. This is essential for our survival - it's how we gain energy from our food, but the more glucose we put into our blood the more insulin is needed to bring it back down. When our blood sugar drops, our bodies search for more energy by making us hungry again.

This doesn't mean you need to go on a mega low carb' diet. But reducing your carbohydrate intake slightly while increasing either protein or fat will help to blunt that blood sugar roller coaster, keep you full for longer and sustain your energy levels.

While fat is higher in calories than the other macros, because it stays in the stomach longer, you tend to eat less leading to a natural reduction in appetite and calorie intake.

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Try having a higher protein and fat breakfast such as eggs and avocados and see how much more satisfied you feel than when you eat your cereal/toast or other low fat option. You might find you actually drop your mid morning snack and save yourself a couple of hundred calories (depending on what your snack consists of).
Have protein and good fats at every meal with slightly less carbohydrates and you will find you know when you need to eat without getting that ravenous uncontrollable hunger you might have been suffering with.

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Good fats to add to your meals include;
avocado, extra virgin olive oil (it must be extra virgin, other olives oils are poorer quality and light olive oil is processed and has lost it's goodness), ghee, butter and coconut oil.
You don't need to go crazy, just add a tablespoon or two and notice the difference it makes. If you've been using low fat sprays it's time to ditch them.

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It's also really important to eat lots of vegetables, adding at least 2 portions to every meal will increase your potion size without adding extra calories and will also help to ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need. If your body is starved of nutrients it will keep hunting for more food.

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