How to reduce back pain while pregnant

How to reduce back pain while pregnant

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Back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy; and strong, continuous pain can disrupt your lifestyle, as well as your daily routine. The good news is that it is only temporary and you can easily reduce it.

What causes back pain?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, around 60% of pregnant women experience back pain. Various factors can cause back pain during pregnancy; however, it usually happens when the pelvis meets the spine especially at the sacroiliac joint. Here are some of the most common causes.

Additional weight: As babies grow and develop, they create additional weight for the mother, which the back must support.

-Position or posture: Excessive standing, poor posture as well as increased bending might escalate or trigger back pain.

Shift in centre of gravity: As the pregnancy progresses, your centre of gravity will slowly shift forward which can cause a change in posture.

Stress: Emotional stress can lead to muscle tension, especially in the back; this can appear in the form of back spasms and back pain. You may notice that back pain is more common whenever you are stressed during your pregnancy.

Managing back pain during pregnancy

It is not always possible to prevent back pain during pregnancy, however, this does not mean that you will be subjected to nine months suffering. There are various methods and techniques that can reduce and manage the pain which include:

Chiropractic care: Apart from treating a wide range of joint problems, chiropractors can apply a wide range of techniques and methods to relieve back pain. Some even specialise in pregnancy chiropractic care . Chiropractors mainly use joint manipulation, soft tissue work as well as a wide range of prescribed exercises to prevent pregnant women from experiencing joint misalignment, nerve compression and muscular tightness. Chiropractors are also highly effective when it comes to detecting imbalances and correcting them.

Exercises: Exercising regularly boosts flexibility and strengthens the muscles which can reduce the stress exerted on the spine. There are a wide range of safe exercises for pregnant women, which include swimming, walking, as well as stationary cycling. Your physical therapist or your doctor can recommend certain exercises that can strengthen your spine and the back as a whole.

Improve your posture: According to fitness specialists, slouching strains the spine; you should therefore always use proper posture when sitting, sleeping or walking. For example, you should sleep on your side with a pillow positioned between your legs. This eases the stress on your back. When you are sitting behind a desk, position a rolled-up towel behind your back for support.

**Acupuncture: Involves insertion of thin needles at various points in the body; studies indicate that this method can be very effective in relieving back pain during pregnancy.

Bottom Line

You can experience back pain at any stage during pregnancy. It is however, more common during the later stages as the baby grows bigger and adds more noticeable weight. With the above tips and techniques, you can reduce your back pain and enjoy a healthier lifestyle during your pregnancy.

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