Minimalism Top 5 resources

Minimalism Top 5 resources

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Minimalism is one of the latest trends in health and lifestyle, offering a richer life lived with 'less'. It's gaining widespread attention for it's slower, more conscious and connected way of living in our busy, always-available 21st century.

Whether you're new to this concept, or a veteran of the good life, here are 5 great resources to get you inspired!

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1) The Minimalists
Almost considered 'celebrities' in the minimalist world, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus have an extremely popular blog, podcast, book and documentary all about their journey to minimalism. A great source for beginners and pro's alike - we highly recommend their '21-Day Journey Into Minimalism'.
The Minimalists

2) Becoming Minimalist
Joshua Becker has an extensive library of posts on his blog - again, from the perspective of his family's own journey to living more intentionally. A great one for families, and some insightful Youtube videos for anyone and everyone.
Becoming Minimalist

3) Marie Kondo
A New York Times best-selling author and founder of the KonMari Method, Marie brings a refreshing and creative insight into the art of decluttering. Although perhaps not as accessible for everyone, be prepared for serious wardrobe envy!
Marie Kondo

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4) Be More With Less
A really warm and practical source of minimalist tips, tricks and confessions. Courtney Carver shares exercises for whatever stage you are at, most significantly, Project 333 (featured in The Oprah Magazine).
Be More With Less

5) Zen Habits
Although not exclusively about minimalism, Leo Babauta offers some honest personal reflections on a more conscious life. A really grounding read covering a host of topics from veganism to unschooling - and everything in between.
Zen Habits

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What do you think of our suggestions above? Keep an eye out for our follow up posts on how to incorporate minimalism into your life.

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