Prepare for your home birth with these 7 essentials

Prepare for your home birth with these 7 essentials

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A home birth is an appealing choice for many as natural therapies and approaches become more widely sought. In 2015, 910 (0.3%) Australian mother’s gave birth at home.

What do you need if you are considering a home birth? Are you prepared?

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7 essentials for your home birth experience

1. Linen

Have plenty of towels, pillows and stacks of linen at hand. They are invaluable, can be used for comfort and to clean any mess.

Place thick plastic sheeting on the floor, spread linen, pillows and keep towels within easy reach. Bundle up the plastic sheeting and linen in one sweep, making it easy to clean and reduce the stress!

2. Wash cloths

Wash cloths will help you keep fresh during birth. To use, dampen with water and use as cool packs for your forehead.

Have clean wash cloths ready to clean the baby from any after-birth residue within reach.

3. Heating pad

During labor and contractions, you’ll need something to soothe you.

A natural remedy is to use a heating pad. A hot water bottle will also work efficiently.

4. Essential oils

Being relaxed and keeping a cool head will help make the home birth smoother.

Light scented candles to create a comfortable ambience.

Essential oils can calm the mind and body. Each oil has a different effect, use and is an individual preference.

They can be added to your birth pool, if you have opted for a water birth. Or burn them in an oil burner to create a soothing environment.

5. Emergency oxygen

There are times when things might not go as planned. To ensure the mother and baby are not endangered in anyway and for emergency situations, have a supply of oxygen close by.

6. Things for the baby

Prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy by setting up baby items nearby. You’d need oil to clean the baby, towel, blankets and clothes for your baby.

7. Sanitary napkins

After you have given birth and delivered the placenta, you will start to bleed and pass excess fluid, called lochia. To stay comfortable have some sanitary pads handy.

With all these essential things nearby you can hope to have a smoother home birth. Relish the experience and good luck!

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