Quick and easy workout for desk workers

Quick and easy workout for desk workers

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The biggest issue most office workers experience is the pain and tension in their neck, upper back, shoulders and lower back. This happens as they spend a significant amount of their time sitting in front of the computers in an upright position. The poor posture in turn leads to the severe pain and affects health in the long run.

But with a couple of exercises you can always give yourself another chance to be in proper shape. Once you incorporate these moves in your daily regime, they’ll help you reverse your improper posture and ensure proper and healthy motion in your back, shoulders, muscles and arm joints.

The best part of these exercises is that they are simple and incredibly effective, and perfectly suited to performing in an office environment.

Your everyday, “off the clock” workout should still be a priority and it is a must for anyone who is sitting for the best part of the working hours. That being said, if you do work behind the desk and still haven’t incorporated exercising in your daily routine, the time to start slowly building a regular workout habit is now!

The exercises listed below will assist in boosting your overall productivity while decreasing your stress levels and also improving your sense of well-being. They are perfect for both beginners and experienced workout enthusiasts.

Neck workouts

For this exercise you have to set a reminder in your phone for every hour. On every reminder, you will have to do 8-10 chin tucks for releasing the strain in your shoulders and neck which is caused by leaning on your desk while working on your laptop or desktop computer.

Start the exercise by relaxing yourself and keeping your head in a completely loose posture. You will then have to look straight and tuck your chin as far as possible without making yourself uncomfortable.

After every chin tuck relax and repeat.

You can also flex your shoulders and neck once to the right and then again to your left. Try this at least 8-10 times and give yourself some time to relax after every neck flex. This exercise is simple and can be done even while you’re sitting.

Another neck and shoulder workout can be performed by simply inhaling deeply while shrugging your shoulders and lifting them as high as you can. Hold your lifted shoulders, eventually releasing them slowly. Follow this, at least thrice.

Both these exercises will help in reversing your back slump that eventually puts a lot of strain on your joints, neck and shoulders.

Workout for your fingers and hands

Very often, our fingers tend to ache with the constant and relentless typing. In order to perform the finger workout, you have to first clench your fists while stretching both your hands before you.

Right after that, make air circles with your fingers in one specific direction, while being on a count of ten. You can then change the direction of the circles. Shake your hands out and relax to finally end the exercise.

Exercise for your wrists and forearms

This exercise is perfect for those people who spend a huge chunk of their time typing on their keyboards and moving their wrists while using the mouse. It relaxes your hands and keeps you a tad more comfortable during working sessions.

You need to get started by stretching your left hand right before you while you point your fingers to the floor. Right after this, increase your stretch by using your right hand and pushing the fingers along the body. Make sure your fingers are pushed in a downward motion. Follow the same exercise with your other hand, but make sure you are gentle enough.

After a few rounds of this exercise, you will have to stretch your left hand in the front, bend your wrists and point your fingers to the sky. While doing this, bring your right hand to motion in order to increase the level of stretch. Follow this by pulling your fingers back along your body. Do the same thing on both sides.

Stretching your back with back-hugs

Yes. You can always stretch your body the perfect way by hugging yourself. Do this by first placing your right hand on the left shoulder and vice versa. You will then have to inhale and exhale by releasing a part of space along your shoulders. Do this twice to thrice in a hour for best results.

Exercise for your spine

Desk workers often crouch while working which makes their upper back stiff. It is highly recommended to keep a small towel slightly rolled up and attached with an elastic band. Keep this rolled up towel on your hand for regular spine stretch for reversing that crouched position.

You will have to sit on your chair while placing the roll perpendicularly along the central portion of your spine. You will then have to cross your arms and extend your spine along the back over your towel roll for better stretching. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds and do his once a day. This will not only keep your spine healthy but will also help you to avoid frequent backaches.

Workout for your legs

You might already be driven by the notion that by sitting all day, your legs won’t really be strained at all. But believe me; your hip flexors can indeed be quite tight if you spend a large part of your time by sitting in a specific position.

You can always do a small exercise by dropping both your knees one by one on the floor.

You have to rotate your pelvis along the back while moving your hips in the front until you feel a kind of stretch from the side of your hip. This exercise is simple and it comes with incredible results if performed twice or thrice a week.

Exercise for your eyes

While staring at your laptop and computer screen for hours you unknowingly end up having dry and tired eyes . This is also likely to cause frequent headaches. In order to avoid this, it is highly recommended to take “vision breaks” every hour. In this break you focus on something else for a period of time. This not only changes your eyes’ focal points but also your muscle movements.

Well, now that you know the best desk workouts, try them from time to time for quick and effective results.

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