Six ways a massage chair will make your life better

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It only takes one or two visits to a massage therapist to discover the benefits of getting a massage – the immediate relaxation and decrease in stress, as well as lasting holistic improvement to health.

What if those results could be achieved in the privacy and comfort of your home and be available on a 24/7 basis? Having an on-call massage therapist isn’t realistic for most of us, but there is a cost-effective alternative: owning a massage chair that delivers one terrific, health-enhancing massage after another.

Convenience is an obvious benefit of owning a massage chair, but what about health advantages, since that is where we all want lasting results.

Here are the reasons that health-conscious men and women are investing in a quality massage chair.

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1. To Reduce Stress

Stress is crippling to sound mental and emotional functioning ; physically, it can be deadly.

These facts are well documented and reason enough to purchase a massage chair and make good use of it. Consider the upside: reducing stress in your life will make you happier, healthier and enhance your personal relationships.

2. To Relieve Muscle Tension

We say that someone who is stressed mentally is “uptight,” exhibiting the close relationship between mental and physical wellbeing. Stress causes our muscles to tighten up, and that creates discomfort and pain in the short-term. Over months and years, muscle tension produces chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as migraines, joint stiffness and back pain.

According to Dr. Kerry Martret from Healthy living Osteopathy, the regular use of a massage chair is proven to be effective in treating existing conditions. Preventing them in the first place with frequent massages is an even better solution.

3. To Speed Recovery from Work or Working Out

Many of us need a regular workout to stay fit and stave off the effects of aging. For others, their job is physically demanding enough to make hitting the gym unnecessary. Whether it occurs at work or during a workout, the physicality takes a toll on joints and muscles.

The results include stiffness, pain and a reluctance to go back to the gym or get up for work day after day. However, vigorous chair massage has demonstrable benefits that include a reduction in inflammation, enhanced blood flow and more fluid muscle action, so the next day, you’re ready to get up and do it again.

4. To Align the Spine

When the muscles supporting the spine are tense, they pull the vertebrae out of alignment, putting pressure on nerves. These are nerves that serve every part of the body including the extremities, and when under pressure, cause pain and discomfort. Relaxing those muscles allows the spine to resume its correct position, and pressure is taken off nerves.

5. To Optimise Nutritional Intake and Detoxify Tissue

Chiropractor Peter J. Schubbe says the improved blood flow from a massage leads to, “the circulation and absorption of nutritional elements into the muscles and tissues. Increasing lymphatic circulation clears toxins out of these areas. Together, this revitalises the massaged area.” One relaxing massage helps your body make the most of good nutrition that fights disease while getting rid of toxins that cause disease!

6. To Boost a Sense of Wellbeing

Once called “runners high,” an enhanced endorphin level can be achieved with massage. Not only do endorphins - the “feel good” chemicals in the body - reduce anxiety, studies show that they also speed recovery and alleviate pain.

Sit Down, Get Better and Feel Better

While too much sitting down leads to the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, not all sitting is harmful. A regular, even daily, sit in a massage chair leads to many mental, emotional and physical benefits that will keep you on your feet, staying fit and enjoying your life to the full.

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