Why homemade yogurt rocks

Why homemade yogurt rocks

Posted 2014-02-03 by Helenonthesofafollow
Having two kids who love yogurt and who gobble it down the moment it is served up, I decided to start making my own yogurt to save money, and to provide a healthy treat for the family.

Made with the help of my trusted yogurt maker

Whilst you can make yogurt without the aid of a yogurt maker, I've found my yogurt maker invaluable, and use it not just for yogurt but also in cheese making. The basics for yogurt making are milk, yogurt cultures and if you like you can also add milk powder (a thickening agent). I can make a litre of yogurt in less than 24 hours and at a cost of around $1. Easy, cost efficient, and most importantly, I know what goes into it; there's a scary list of ingredients on the packaging of a lot of yogurts making me question what I'm really eating and what I'm serving to my family.

If that's not convinced you, here is a quick list of top healthy reasons to make your own yogurt:

1. Home made yogurt contains protein, fibre, probiotic bacterias, vitamin D and calcium.

2. It's a quick base to add yummy fresh fruit to for a really healthy start to your day.

3. You can add it to smoothies for some healthy creamy goodness.

4. What's good for your body can also be healthy for your wallet too. For the amount of yogurt our family eats, the savings have stacked up to over $300 a year. That's an incentive right there.

5. The variations of home made yogurt are endless. Mix with honey, fruit, nuts, cocoa, seeds - there is no limit to what flavours you can concoct.

6. Once you have a batch of yogurt, there are so many ways in which to use it. Look for yogurt based recipes and you'll be amazed how many sauces and great tasting dishes you can make. Think of home made tandoori marinade, pizza dough make with fresh yogurt and dips such as raita and tzatziki.

7. Many believe yogurt also has special powers for use as a beauty aid on the skin. There are numerous face packs and skin treatments that you can make at home using yogurt.

Photo Sergio Savarese Wikimedia Commons

8. Sunburn antidote - take about a handful of yogurt and mix with chamomile oil and put directly onto sunburnt skin. The zinc in yogurt helps take the sting out of burnt skin and will also prevent itchiness. Allow it to sink in for 10-15 minutes and wash off, to relieve and soothe your skin.

9. Additive free. Yogurt is a great tasty treat to enjoy and by making it yourself you know exactly what has gone into it.

10. Kids love it. Children really enjoy yogurt, and by making it yourself they'll grow up enjoying the unsweetened natural version, without relying on the addition of sugar and sweeteners. If your child does have a sweet tooth, try adding vanilla or fresh fruit.


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